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W.H. Auden, expatriate philanthropist

W.H. Auden, expatriate philanthropist

For the next chapter of my thesis, it’s all about Auden. Wystan Hugh Auden most people will have heard of as the author of ‘Funeral Blues’, or the English Poet Laureate that never was. Oxford graduate, inveterate chain smoker, left-wing polemicist, born-again Anglican, lover of classical music, hater of flowers indoors, and iconic twentieth-century poet, Auden is … Continue reading

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Remembering is not nearly enough, until, rough and lacking, she begins to speak, giving form to feeling as autumn trees, miles away, instead give way to winter, bringing forth the harder life; redress foregone in an unkind season. Speaking is not nearly enough, until, dour and spent, she becomes aloof, giving nothing away as the … Continue reading